Tell someone they can
And they will think you a fool.
Tell someone else they can,
And they won’t hear you.
Tell yet another one they CAN . . .
They shift into high gear and do it.
Tell someone they can’t
And they will sit on their thumbs
To prove you right.
Perverse human behavior is the impetus for
Awakening, Creating, and Striving.
Tell someone special they can’t,
And they will move heaven and hell
To prove you wrong.
Recall a time you were told you absolutely could not.
You clenched your teeth,
Narrowed your eyes,
Huffed out a breath and
Dug in your heels
To prove them wrong.
Remember the outcome?
You Bet!
9th grade algebra teacher tells a girl she will never, ever,
Be able to go to college.
Time passes . . . . Bachelor of Science
Time passes . . . . Master of Arts
Time passes . . . . Ph.D. in process
Much Gratitude to the teacher who knew not what she taught.


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