*ABOUT MERCEDES, The Baby Rocker*

On September 25, 2015, on Sparrow Hawk Mountain, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a group of spiritually kindred folks had a retreat bonfire get-together during the full moon. Random pictures were taken of the area.

This picture has an anomaly that, when later magnified, appears like this, with three distinct globes:

These enlarged lights are in a pattern not determined by the tree through which they are seen, and were discovered days after the picture was inspected.

Then, a bit later on the mountain, Wallace Snell snapped this full moon picture with the same camera, FujiFilm X100S, at 8:22:28 pm. The firelight reflects off the leaves…and to everyone’s immediate astonishment…an invisible face appears in firelight, no enlarging necessary. Stunned, we were, and the Unseen became Reality.

The Divine Feminine was one of the topics of the retreat, so the beautiful fire-lit face became Mercedes—A Grace from a Higher Power.

She it is, who delivers the SoulTips, each one a Grace for the awakening of those still-sleeping human souls.

She is The Baby Rocker.

Her presence, an Unseen Reality, forces us into conscious understanding of our spiritual infancy and startles us awake to infinite possibility.


(It’s time to wake up and see!)