About SoulTips

WHY SoulTips ?

You would like to think that you are truly
On a path of spiritual growth,
But you’re not sure.
All you know is that you think your body is who you are,
That your emotions swing like a gate,
That your senses play tricks on you,
That you pretend “I’m good,” too often,
That your memory tells lies as easily as Truth,
That your mind excels at inventing excuses,
That you hate making mistakes! So you don’t!
And, dad-gum, you’re running out of others to blame.

Buck up, Baby Love! You certainly are on a path,
Dangling from a cliff somewhere between Infant and Master.

If Life hadn’t grabbed ahold of you and twisted too many times,
Leaving you knee-jerking around in situations you never saw coming,
You’d be reading something else.

Your Soul finally raised Its head off the pillow.
Now, let’s toss a few Tips at it.

SOULTIPS come straight from Ageless Wisdom to wake you up.
To point out the sense in being fully alive.
To give you the opportunity to switch
Life-as-usual Into the Adventure Of A Lifetime.

SOULTIPS, like an early warning system, point out dynamic
Alternate attitudes that are available for you to adopt.
If you so choose.
You know. There’s
Free Will and all that.

So, at the peril of your misery, travel deep into the
Magical wild-ness of Love, Life, Laughter, and Joy.

Have fun, Baby Love.

Forever Your Mercedes, The Baby Rocker

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