What’s Your Image of God?

It might be advisable to get over using the word “god,”
If it invokes the image of a vengeful ruler-king
Who punishes you for missing the mark
            —that you didn’t know was there—
And making “errors,” which you have no clue about
            —because you don’t have the rule book— 
If so, it is truly advisable to cease allowing the mistaken concept
To live in your heart and soul.
File that under “damage control,” Baby Love,
Because, vengeful retribution is not IT at all, at all.
Our thoughts, our concepts, invent how we perceive life.
You see, the negative thoughts, words, and actions that we initiate
Boomerang back on us and land where it hurts most,
Because they can’t miss the source from which they issued.
The “hurting” we feel when we have made an error, is part of “The Plan.”
It’s the guide and motivation necessary to teach us
Mindful creation Peaceful living.
If we aren’t wise in our thoughts, words and actions, BAM!
Here come’ the boomerang.
We are to use as great an Understanding as we can muster,
As universal a Wisdom as possible,
And the most Kindness imaginable,
—given our level of personal evolution—
Each moment we live.
Otherwise, we’re just flapping around the Cosmos,
Being kicked here and there, for apparently no reason,
By our own boots, and wondering what “God” has against us.
“God,” as a singularity of LOVE, cannot harm anything.    Period.
However, we are quite accomplished in the art.
Might re-think the source of punishment.

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