Self-Conciousness Unplugged

Concepts of Time, Space, Mass;
Concepts of Ideas, Desires, Plans, and Schemes,
Are only possible to a self-conscious entity.

Linearity happens only in a world of duality.
The distance between one point and another makes two.
And that takes self-awareness to recognize.

The Cosmos is infinite and eternal.
No end and no beginning in time or space.
That’s where those who survive by pure instinct dwell.
They are One with the cosmos, and rightly so,
For they do not experience themselves as different than or separate from.

That leaves humankind in a precarious position.
If they operate without self-consciousness,
            the species will die out.
If they operate with self-consciousness,
            they must live in the illusion of duality
And perceive themselves as separate from the Cosmos—separate from Reality.

At the same time, they struggle and search and yearn
For exactly what already exists: Unity with the Cosmos.
Self-consciousness is the brick wall between what is and what is illusion.

So, it appears that folks on a spiritual path are striving
To live by Cosmic Law in order to attain enlightenment
            —while keeping their self-conscious awareness intact. 

Newsflash: Attaining Unity with the Cosmos and remaining self-conscious          Requires a whole lot of sacrifice,
            A whole lot more surrender,
            And tons of humility, to even get close.

Sacrifice?  All attachments, all desire for material Goods, concern for the well- Being of those you love, all habits, all dislikes, hates, loves, and even the            Slightest notion that  thinking, speaking, and doing originate from your       Personal brain have to go.

Surrender? All opinions, earthly sense of right and wrong, do-good activities,             self-flagellation, blaming, faulting, winning, losing, accidents and luck,           have to go. That degree of surrender only comes through understanding      that they are all assumptions and conjectures your brain has dwelled on       until you believe they are true.
Humility? To know, at the deepest level possible, that you do nothing of            yourself. And neither does anyone else. ALL is the godhead, manifesting    a tiny tad, in the third dimension.

NOW, if you can get your head around that Baby Love,
You’re getting close to Enlightenment.
You are overcoming the domination of self-consciousness.
Your awareness is beginning to see that you are simply
One cell in the Boundless Body of the Cosmos.

Start practicing by imagining yourself as the center of the Cosmos,
because that’s what you are.
“Boundless” means that every point is the center.
Infinity and Eternity are centered on your self-conscious awareness.
And on everyone else’s, too.

Heads up: Step on a nail, fall down the stairs, have a car wreck,
            throw up, get fired, or betrayed, and your emotions
            knock you out of Cosmic Consciousness.
Bam!  Back to square one. 
At least for five minutes.
If you allow yourself to believe the illusion for that long.

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