The Unbelievably Raw Truth

Hang on to the handlebars and sit tight. 
Baby Love, we’re going to the secret place
Where the sun always shines.

According to the Ascended Masters*
And Wise Ones coming in and out of incarnation,*
This present wave of Humanity*
Is here to develop its Mental Body.*

Which means that what we’re really up to is
Evolving, learning, growing, expanding consciousness,
And turning into Masters, like Them.

Now, They don’t tell us that in flat-out words.  
We have to figure it out for ourselves, so here we go.
The bottom line is that, at this evolutionary time,
Our Emotional Bodies* trump everything.
In other words, our emotions wag
Our Mental and Physical bodies just like
The tail wags the dog. 

There’s an up-side, here, Baby Love:
You don’t have to be your own victim.
Your Emotional Body, because it wags you,
Can be the teacher that evolves your Mental Body.
Here’s how you can work it, if you so choose:
When you have a knee-jerk reaction,
When you have fits and tantrums, pay attention.
Recognize your own emotional evidence!
Identify your prejudices, hates, jealousies and such.
Acknowledge your desire to be better than everyone.
No shame in YOU knowing your inner secrets!
That’s when the magic starts.
Simple awareness of non-productive emotions
Will begin to diminish them—no fooling. It’s a true secret.
That’s how the sub-conscious works, unless it’s really warped.
Falls into the category of the Mental Body exercising control
Over the Emotional Body—Which appears magical because,
From the audience’s view, you aren’t doing anything.
And how is that going to happen when you hide your emotions
So you can think you’re already Practically Perfect ?
“Practically perfect,” Sweetie, does not throw tantrums,
Even little bitty, invisible and silent, ones.
Notice the emotion! Then ponder on why you’re going off.
Feel when the steam starts rising inside you.
Take a breath for time to think.
Understand your irrational irritations—and they all are,
Simply because “irritations” come from
Convincing yourself that they are irritations.
          Unless there’s a rock in your shoe.
Take a look at your idiotic fears—caused by your
          Ignorance, naivety, and ego.
Ignorant that no one actually cares how you feel.
Naive that you worry about them caring, when they don’t.
Ego, whistling up your insecurities, your imaginary dragons,
Just for the emotional squirt.
Sweetie, question everything you Think, and Feel, and Do.
Develop understanding of yourself—your motivations and
What you truly want in life.
Then, quietly decide what to do.
That way, you can pause before you throw the skillet.

You will always have feelings, Baby Love.
That’s how we’re wired, who we are, and
What makes us human, but emotions are
Both survival and evolutionary tools.
You see, until your mind masters your emotions enough
To control your physical body’s actions,
You will remain closer to the instinctive animal side
Of your evolution than you think you are.
If you put on your grown-up pants, you’ve now got
The tools to assist your own evolution—if you so choose.

Remember, Sweetie Pie,
You are the student and the teacher.
What kind of fun is that?
*Ascended Masters—
Humans who have mastered all aspects of being human and ascended to the next arc of evolution.
*Coming in and out of incarnation—
The ascended ability to either preserve a physical body for use, or to create a new one at will.
* Wave of Humanity—
The process of evolving includes points of accomplishment where humanity becomes significantly different and has a new goal to reach. AND, all the former goals continue to evolve.
* Mental Body—
The mental processes of humans: thinking, willing, reasoning, memory, insight, imagination, and projection.
* Emotional Body—
All the experienced emotions caused by floods of enzymes reacting to internal mental processes and external stimuli. (Yes, you can “think” yourself into love and into hate.)
Emotional Body Mastered?
All of the above, except “reacting.” One Responds Appropriately according to a desired outcome, in spite of the enzyme flood.   AND, the floods decrease as response continues to triumph over reaction, etching its inevitability into your DNA.


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