How To Infect Others

Shake the rafters with your laughter.
Dig a grave with your grief. 
Dance until you drop.
Sing until you croak. 
Suffer until you stop.

Be still, silent, and go Within
Until you connect.

Remember everything.
Love every minute.

As a wise man once kinda’ said . . .
“Be thoroughly used up when you die.”

You see, Baby Love,
The joy of life is in living it.
Wring it for the last stinking drop.
Embrace crisis like “Is that all you got?”
Beg for more like “Bring it ON!”
Meet every ordeal with a big wet smooch!
Suffer with eager laughter.
Celebrate all day, every day.
Then, Sweetie, 
            As you experience ecstasy out loud,
            As you emanate constant delight in all circumstances,  
You infect and infuse others with an injection of Joy
Like they’ve never known.

Has anyone ever died from a case of excessive laughter?
Might be time to try something new.
Expanding consciousness always serves spiritual evolution.

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