Can You Try Harder?

This is a tough one Baby Love.
Open your heart.  Open your mind.

Everyone  always  does the very best they can,
Under the circumstances.

You too.

The difficulty here is the full understanding of “circumstances.”

Include physical ability, mental ability, emotional ability,
Experiential background, previous life carryover of all the above.
Plus, the present degree of Will and strength of the Desire Nature.
Also, Psychological tendencies and the reason for reincarnating into
This mind body suit; this family; this race, this socioeconomic level, this country,
This world, and at this particular time in the evolution of the species.

Baby Love, when you know all of that stuff about yourself,
Let alone about anybody else,
You will realize that
Everyone always does the best they can,
Under the circumstances.

And you will begin to realize that the same criteria apply
To all your opinions and judgments.

Sweetie, spitting into the wind is far more accurate
Than any of your opinions, which can only be damaging.

Zip the lip.
Be kind.
Appreciate the beauty of every moment.
06/09/2019 sent

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