An Ego Antidote

We are all self-centered ego-maniacs 
Caring only about ourselves.
Prima Ballerinas, all of us.
It’s a biological hazard.
It’s a continuing World Crisis.

The most dangerous of us have the audacity
To think we know what everyone else
Should think, do, say, and be,
Then spout venomous nonsense,
Point fingers, assign blame.

The only thing worse is
That the poor ignorant ego-maniacs
Hear what they think is Truth
And pile shame and guilt on others
Like it was whipped cream.

If we allow ourselves to, and
If we are not sociopaths,
The single Saving Grace is that
We can experience empathy,

Feeling what others are feeling
Creates a beginner’s level of compassion,
Which somewhat neutralizes ego-maniacal behavior
In the name of:
        “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”

Rather self-serving, except that it means
There is Hope, Baby Love.
Next step is to relax your grip on control,
Wear someone else’s tutu, for real,
Notice the tatters,
And allow true compassion to surface.

Keep practicing.  Life really is a ballet.

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