Stuff You Might Can Hear

Gather, my children, around the fire
For a bit of wisdom afore I die.
Listen, cause ain’t no one can call me liar.

N’ere be afraid of anything, you see.
Face it now, or you will, next life or another,
And you never know just who you’ll be.

The candy in the jar is never as good
As a sweetness on the heart, ya know.
So, be kind to others, like you should.

If you ain’t happy, you see, call up the last time
You did something for someone else
Just cause it felt fine.                                 

Folks say it ain’t true, ya know,
But always remember,
The one lookin’ back from the mirror ain’t all of you.
You’re more like the forest, than the tree.
More like the ocean than a drop.
More like a crowd than a person.
More like the potter, than the pot.
Ain’t no one zactly like you, no where, no way.
Ain’t no one else can do you, like you do you.
So be you, the best you know how,
Cause the universe needs you now.
How’s that true?
‘Cause You be here.
And ain’t no one can call me liar.


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