What’s Yours To Do?

Can you fly without an airplane?
Can you build a skyscraper without concrete?
Can you read without words?
Can you boil an egg without water?

Machinery is essential for us to do the things we do.

Conscious Expansion of Awareness is no exception,
And requires much equipment like Empathy and Compassion,
Love and Understanding.                         

We spend numberless lifetimes creating, collecting, and developing
Our inner machinery, or, expanding our Awareness.

Some may sit in a cave for life times. 
            Some may have nine children.
                        Some may work the hospital halls.
                                    Some may meditate.
Some may have a tragic death.
            Some may teach.
                        Some may repair cars.
                                    Some may go to school forever.
Some may climb mountains for fun.

And some may go into the mountain, 
            Quite aware of exactly what they’re after, 
            Quite aware of their path,
            Quite aware that the searching is theirs, and the finding is Grace.
            Quite aware that they’re using machinery to facilitate Transcending.

Keep searching for your machinery, Baby. You’re a rheostat.
The Light will come on so gradually you won’t even know it,
Until it’s a done deal. 

Then you’ll discover that there are no done deals.

Welcome to the Machinery of the Cosmos.


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