What are the ways of thinking that
Keep you nailed to the ground?
What are the chains of idea that
Keep you securely linked to SAFE ?
What wordless inheritance has you wingless?
Why did you say you couldn’t, so you
Did not even try?
What habit takes away your Freedom?
When was the last time you thought outside the box?
Do you have a “When this happens, Then I’ll be able to do that,”
Whipping up your resentment?
Exactly what is it that’s got your mind
Clenched up so tight it can’t breathe?
Do you know when you stopped dreaming?
What happened in your head that shut you down?
We all have ALL that, you know.
Different details, but the same:
Victims of our own thinking;
Hogtied by our imagined limits;
Calf-roped and thrown down by our own hand.
Martyred by dragging around guilt not ours.

Listen up close, Baby Love, seriously!

YOU are the secret to your own Becoming.
Spiritual Awareness gifts those
Who dare,
Who dream,
Who break the mold,
Who swing out,
Who cherish the truth enough to embrace
Their embryonic


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