The deceptive role of perception as one cause of
Arrogance must be recognized before
Divinity can be acknowledged.
We perceive rather like blind fish
At the bottom of an eternally dark cave,
And our brain celebrates that as divine inspiration,
Complete, whole, and Absolute Truth.
Then we strut about our deception,
Insisting we are right, knowing the truth, and
Proceeding to inform others of their errors.
Humility doesn’t come from thinking we are less,
Or pretending something else is more.
That path leads to hypocrisy.
True Humility comes from accepting
That we don’t know.
That our perceptive ability is Limited.
That it is zeroed in on physical survival.
That we cannot know very much at all.
Hard to educate that which cannot know.
But not impossible.
You see, we have more than five senses.
They are interior, invisible, and experiential.
Science refutes them. We refute them.
But after we get over ourselves
And become humble enough to accept Reality,
Inner comprehension will dawn.
We will know our Consciousness is too limited, and too conditioned
To accurately interpret even the little that we perceive.
At that point, our interior senses will develop
To enhance our five primitive senses.

What A Deal!

Consciousness impaired, half blind, partially deaf,
     Scent recognition nearly absent,
          Rudimentary tactile ability,
               Intuitively limited,
                    And reasoning challenged,
Humanity, nevertheless,
Went to the moon.
Can hardly wait for the next Divine Baby Step.


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