Irritation turn-arounds aren’t easy, but necessary
To divert malignant anger growth.
First of all, identify what you do not like within yourself,
Or about yourself, or what you wish were different.
May take some soul searching.
May take some onion peeling.
May even be left over from a past life.
May take finding the itch before the urge to scratch happens.
You could probably spend lifetimes scratching,
But you don’t have to.
All you have to do is simply surrender and sacrifice:
Surrender your opinions about other’s business.
Surrender your judgments, about other’s business.
Sacrifice the idea that you set the bar for other’s behaviors.
Sacrifice knowing what’s best for other people.
Sacrifice your drive to be right, all the time.
Surrender to what IS, and cease laboring with the illusion
That you can make “what already is,” different.             Too Late!
Not happening, even if it IS your business.
Step back from never-ending irritations,
Throw up your arms in surrender,
Sacrifice unkind thoughts and arrogance,
Love everything exactly the way it is.
THAT turns All irritations around.
Pre-empts anger.
Peace, never ending.
What’s to lose?


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