Unless you say so, mistakes don’t happen.
Unless you say so, errors are relative.
Unless you say so, there are no accidents.
Unless you say so, nothing happens too soon or too late.
You see Baby, all of the above is based on opinion, which might not be yours.
And opinion is just something someone thinks, based on what feels good.
You can always change your mind and make life easier, more peaceful, more valuable.
When you have an opinion that something is really great,
It doesn’t haunt you,
It doesn’t worry you,
You don’t fret about it,
You don’t try to figure it out,
And you certainly don’t try to fix it.
When your opinion is that something is wrong, bad, incorrect, or mistaken,
Then you go through mental, physical, and emotional contortions,
Struggling to make it right, fix it, or cope with it.
Then, because you can’t change it, you stew in your own juices
And they eventually ferment into a stroke, a heart attack, cancer, etc.
Wouldn’t it be better for you to simply stop “saying so”?
Wouldn’t it be better to simply change your opinion? It’s just something
You made up, anyway.
Now, we’re not talking about monumental things, like a Nazi ethnic cleansing.
We’re talking about table etiquette, colorful jokes, the name of a flower, or
Which direction the toilet paper is “supposed to” unroll.
You know, stuff that really doesn’t make any difference to the quality of life.
One more time, Baby Love, the only thing you have to lose is
Worry, frustration, upset, grinding teeth, and bad dreams.
All because you are attached to your opinion being right.
Hey! No one will listen, anyway.
Honey Child, just give it up, smile sweet and keep it to yourself.
Non-confrontation ends with Peace.

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