“Perfect is an impossible ideal,” says the Rationalist.
“Perfect is what you think it is,” says the Objectivist.
“Perfection is everywhere,” says the Optimist.
“Nothing is perfect,” says the Pessimist.
“OH! That’s perfect, but this is not,” says the Wise One.
“Perfection is unattainable,” says the Academic.
“ WHAT IS, is perfect,” says the Philosopher, “. . . until you say otherwise.”
“The formless is perfect,” says the Mystic.
“When it works, it’s perfect,” says the Engineer.
“If it tastes the way YOU like, it’s perfect,” says the Chef.
“If the bomb explodes as planned, it’s perfect,” says the Soldier.

“HOLD ON,” bellows the Cosmos.
“Only 3rd dimensional entities
Make judgments about what IS,
Imagine what is NOT,
And proclaim truth from abject ignorance.

Limited are you, in understanding how evolution carries on.
Blind are you, and think you see all.
Deaf are you, to the Music of the Spheres.
BE STILL, and know that ALL is perfect NOW,
And that ALL will grow into ever greater perfection.
Perfect is absolute ONLY in the instant.
The next instant is different, yet equally perfect in that instant.
Ideal, everlasting, static perfection is a
Figment of your 3rd dimensional dementia.
But I do so love the perfection of your juicy minds
In hot pursuit of egoistic hallucinations.”


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