We are all spiritual babies or we wouldn’t
Be walking around in flesh, on dirt,
With the sky above, that promises
Where we can grow.
Most of us are fast asleep,
Quite unaware of Who we are,
Or Why we are.
We’ve made up stories to explain creation.
We’ve made up stories that give us some assurance,
And we’ve told them over again,
Until we actually believe they are “Truth.”
Then, we think we really know The Way It Is.
Our mystics, gurus, prophets and saints
Sometimes give us a clue,
But that’s second hand disinformation
Because it’s about them, not about us.
When we have our own inner experience,
Our own inner vision, we can follow our guidance,
Because we are unique.
Even then, like the mystics, what we see within is filtered
Through so many lifetimes of trials, tribulations,
Horrors and joys of the flesh, that individual Truth
Of what’s behind or ahead is, literally, unknowable.
Nevertheless, it’s time to wake up.
It’s time to step up.
It’s time to reveal our Spirit-Face
And consciously, with volition,
Start becoming more than we are.
Whatever that might be.
First step?
Meet The Baby Rocker
Wake Up With Hunger


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