IN THE SHADOW of the third dimension,
Human-kind bumps up against the gossamer
Veil of Greater Knowing, which is
Baby Love, listen with your third ear
Or you will never hear the truth.
Your body has a name, but you,
A transdimensional fragment of the One Source,
Have no name.
It’s not possible in the higher realms.
To be given a name requires something
Outside of you to do the naming.
In Higher Dimensions, there’s only One.
You are part and parcel of ALL THAT IS,
In all Dimensions, Realms, and Kingdoms.
And you deliberately took a body so you could have
Physical experiences, emotional moments, and mental understanding
In the lower Realms—so you could expand Consciousness.
Someone once said, “a rose by any other name would smell the same.”
That “sameness” is the essence of all roses.
You, the nameless one, are the essence of all Humanity,
The inseparable quintessence of the Life Force.
Anything otherwise, and the body you’re in would
Collapse on the grass and rot into the Earth.
Pretty Raw image, but Truth often requires a 2 x 4
To make an impression on those who need awakening.
It’s a fact that you are an eternal being,
And there is only one Eternal Being
That animates everything, everywhere.
In the third dimension of duality,
YOU are the extension of Oneness
That animates your body.

That, alone, qualifies you for Divinity.


When you recognize your Awesome Self,
The requirements of the physical self
Will become much more strenuous.
No kidding. You’ll see.
But that transformation won’t happen until you’re ready,
Until your body-personality is well prepared to receive
The high energy, and the responsibility, that comes with
Transformation is simply a matter of easing into a higher RESONANCE.
Just thought you might like to be consciously aware
Of where you’re headed, of the path you’ve chosen.
It’s the Path of Sacrifice, but it’s not what you think.
The meaning is one of those unspeakable concepts, and
Words are too restricting, too limiting, like the third dimension.
It’s all good, Baby.
Everything always is, even if you don’t like it.                                                                   Just keep loving the Roses.


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