Dangerous Misconception

“Perfect” is an absolute. Without comparison.
Can’t be more perfect.
It’s also in the same boat with
“Good,” and “bad,” which can be compared.
Can be “better,” or “worse.”
That’s a perfect tangle.

People and events are as they are. They are not otherwise.
And, being who we are, we judge them perfect or imperfect.
Imperfect is a negative, and it puts unhealthy juice in our bodies.
However, considering an individual’s stage in the evolutionary process,
We can judge them “perfect” at whatever level they’ve achieved.
Perfect is a positive, and it puts healthy juice in our bodies.
That’s not to say that we can’t jump in there and crusade for clean water.
It’s only “perfect” at the point where it currently resides,
In the scheme of evolution,  at any given moment. 

Then we add more positive juice by considering that
 “Everything is perfect exactly the way it is,
And it is in the process of perfecting.”
That’s a perfecting tangle.

Humans play a critical role in the creating and
Perfecting of the universe,
Which includes Humanity,
Which is perfect exactly the way it is,
Wherever it is in the evolutionary process. 

It can’t be otherwise. Things are as they are.

Basically it’s a matter of nurturing a point-of-view
That supports raising the vibrations of everything. 

The mess an earthquake leaves is a perfect mess,
And we can jump in, clean it up,  and create a different perfect.

Like “Beauty,” “Perfect,” is in the mind of the beholder.
Why not consider yourself perfect?


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