Believing And Knowing Are Different

Do you know . . .
That you are Divine?
That you are ageless?
That you are timeless?
That you have earned the right to incarnate?
That you are blessed with a body?
That what you think, say, or do in this body influences
            your well-being in the next body?
That you have soul-mates everywhere?
That you have one Twin Ray?
That love is not an emotion, but a powerful energy?
That duality is necessary for form to exist?
That you, alone, are responsible for your life’s circumstances?
Well, go within and experience Truth for yourself.
Explore former lives and their connections to each other.
Dive deeper and observe the powerful binding matrix that we call Love.
Hang around and wait to understand that all is Light, and we name it vibration.
Ask to be of service to the angels and watch what happens in your life.
Remember, Yoda says, “Belief does not Truth make.”

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