aka: Opportunity

“Accidents” are so-called, by the unwise,                                
As an excuse,
But there’s more to the story.
There are no “accidents,” Baby Love, only the appearance
To those who are as yet ignorant of the Unity of All.
You see, an accident requires two or more operatives.
When there is only One, Unity, Singularity,
Accidents are impossible.
Everything works together.
What actually occurs at the time of supposed crisis is
Opportunity to learn and grow.
Opportunity can manifest as “blame,” “shame,” and “guilt”
Resulting from the “accident.”
Those strong, reactionary emotions,
Ingrained since birth as teaching mechanisms,
Absolutely impel you toward sniveling self-pity and worse.
You can’t help feeling them, at first, but train yourself to
Recognize the opportunity they provide
For consciousness-expanding lessons,
If you so choose to learn and grow toward Wisdom.
Embrace “accidents” as good friends, introduced by your Soul.                                
Go within and analyze how you can seize the moment
And squeeze out all the Wisdom it offers.
After you make nice and apologize,
Don’t do it again until the next time.


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