Rolling On The Floor

All emotions hurt or benefit the one who experiences them.
AND, they are catching.
Others get infected by robust laughter,
And they start laughing for no reason.
Rolling on the floor, throw water in their face, kind of laughing.

Best healing in the Cosmos.

At another level, laughter, like a scythe, can slice a healthy path through
Hypocrisy, sarcasm, gossip, meanness, and all manner of negativity.
On the other side of laughter is sorrow, which is also catching.
Just hang out at a funeral home for a while.
Sadly, you’ll understand.

Knowledge of the infective power of emotion is a valuable tool,
Often dangerous, if you are on the receiving end.
Be vigilant Baby Love. Your emotions must be yours,
Before you act.

You see, laughter, and joy, and love, and beauty,
Constitute the true nature of the Soul.
That’s who we are at the core of our Being.
That’s all the emotion we ever need to experience.

The greatest absurdity is that we generate the negative stuff
Just to play in, just for the adrenaline rush, attention,
And often for balance. 
Anger, envy, revenge, spite and outrage, have no depth,
No meaning, no reason, no anchor in reality.
They evaporate in the presence of the Power of Love and Laughter.
The bottom line? Train yourself to recognize your own absurdity. 
Then you can Celebrate Everything!


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