Watch What You Do

Actions scream out your motives. 
Words are just talk. 

Baby, believe it or not, that platitude
Is the first lesson in Loving.

What you do reveals your motives.
If you help, you love. If you hurt, you don’t love.
How simple can it be?
            But there’s more. 

Motives are the engine for actions.
Repeated actions become habits. 

Now, the pasture gate just flew open
Habitual Behavior in any realm…
Thinking, Doing, Feeling, Understanding…
And all their sub-realms…
Establishes the totality of your character—
Who you are, Who you’re understood to be.

            But there’s more.
You see, when Eve chomped down on the proverbial Apple,
Human beings were given self-consciousness, thus, the ability
To make choices, accompanied by consequences.
Turns out that “Choosing” is an excellent tool
For learning whether or not your motives
Are producing the actions
That build your character into a habitual helper
Who loves, unconditionally.
Poor choices have unpleasant consequences.
That’s how you know the difference.
It’s a set-up, Baby Love.
Be careful what and why you choose,
Then always correct your errors.


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