Who’s On First?

Death and Birth are twin sisters 
Forever haggling about who came first.

Birth is adamant that her creative abilities
Are far superior, so she arrived first.

Death laughs at her sister and says,
“After you’re done, my dear, I transform them
Back into the Divine beings they were
Before you got hold of them.”

Birth smiles sweetly and coos,
“Yes, but they love me, and they fear you.”

Death’s heart melts with understanding, and she hugs her sister close.
“Sweet Love,” she says, “You bring them into the world unaware,
And there’s a purpose to that.
But your babies are really waking up now,
And beginning to understand The Cycle.” 

Birth leans back and frowns at her sister. “What cycle?”

“Oh my,” says Death. “You truly are as innocent those you create.”

Death kisses her sister’s forehead. “Darling One,
It’s the Ascension Cycle, and We are the portals.
One day, those I transform into absolute Divinity
Will no longer require your Worldly services.”

Birth stares at her sister in disbelief, then giggles.
“Oh my,” she mocks, “You truly are as innocent
As those you transform.”
Birth hugs her sister closer and whispers,
“As long as humans are so very human,
I will never lose my job.”

Death ponders a moment. “Oh! That’s Right!” she says,
And laughs out loud. “Don’t you just love the eternal beauty
Of a well-executed plan?”

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