More Than Walking The Talk

How many times have you worried: the sun won’t come up?
There will be no morning, ever? How many times?
Well, that is being “no worries.”

If you put your smiley coat on over your anxieties, angers and
Resentments, then walk out the door every morning,
Your day begins with smothered fear clinched in your gut.
It’s a struggle to face the world, but you have faith
That all will be well in all ways—or, hopefully, some ways, maybe.

Having Faith springs from a foundation of power-less-ness.
Having Faith means that you, yourself, are empty, insignificant, a nothing, and You need something greater to give you confidence.
So you live, by-golly and clenched-jaw determined to
Have Faith in something outside of yourself to give life meaning.
Well, dadgum, Baby Love!
One life is too short to spend knuckled down in fear.
There’s another way to BE.
Clothe your morning self with Light, brush your teeth with sparkles,
Sing a happy song, kiss-kiss goodbye, and float out the door
Knowing all is well in all ways.
That’s Being Faith.
You see, True Faith is a state of consciousness,
A way of being, an unconscious mode of operating in life.
Faith is what you ARE, not something you have.
Heads up, Baby! Listen like your life depends on understanding.
Being Faith springs from absolute knowing that you are a Divine Being,
Blessed by all circumstances, all events, and all in Heaven and Earth.
Being Faith means that you are One with the Universe, filled with Beauty,
Walking in Light, confident that all is well, all ways—No questions. No doubts.
It’s okay that you’ve turned loose and allowed the Sun to rise.
Now relax and allow life to unfold you.
It will, anyway.   

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