Weird Is Good!

A tad of crazy is a good thing. 
It kicks you out of your ruts. 

You see, Baby Love, the only thing your
Consciousness takes with it
When it leaves your body
Are the experiences facilitated by flesh,
When it was able to have some. 

So if you’re stuck in ruts 
And you’re being a putz  
About swinging out and flying, 
Bear in mind that the number of your future lives
Is in direct proportion to the intensity of experiences
You have in this life.

So, be a little weird from time to time. Dare to be wild!
You’ll make this life far more interesting, 
And future lives far more rewarding. 

The trick is to believe you reincarnate,
Then remember the lives
You have already lived,
Wherever in the Cosmos
They might have been. 

Now that’s a tad of crazy,
But heavens above! How exciting!

The complacent nature of “human”
Truly begs a swift shift Into warp speed,
Don’t you think?  

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