What Did You Learn The Last Time?

It’s not your first time around Baby Love,
And IF you adjust your Halo
Every morning, it’s not your last time, either.

That means you still have
Some learning to do,
Some purifying to do,
Some loving to do,
Some forgiving to do.

In other words, some living to take care of,
But it’s not what you think. 

Learning is just having experiences,
Knowing they are lessons, and growing accordingly.

Purifying is just having experiences
And using discernment to know
If it was not good for your spiritual growth
And having the strength to avoid doing it again.

Loving is just having experiences
That begin with yourself,
That expand to include others, 
That become non-judgmental
And finally include ALL.

FORGIVING is just having experiences
that hurt and understanding yourself as the source,
Then fixing the hitch in your get along so  
You are immune to the stingers.

You see Sweetie, living in a physical body is a classroom experience.
And, like a student, you keep returning to learn more
living, purifying, loving, and forgiving. 

Then, when you wake up one day, your Halo will be permanently straight.
You’ve graduated, and you move on to even Higher Learning.

Which means that you get to do much of the same thing,
But you’ve gone invisible to do it in a different dimension.

And yes, there’s a kicker here.
You will: desire, ache, long, and search, for
Every little piece of learning you can glean,
Because your degree of bliss increases each time.
And you can’t do without a bit of bliss any more than you
Could have lived without air. 

So, go for it Baby Love, enjoy the ride.
It’s what you volunteered for
In The Beginning.

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