Calming The Waters

Fear is complicated.
We have not yet outgrown instinctive animal fear
That was absolutely necessary,
But is now seldom necessary.
Presently, we knee-jerk out of fear,
Suffer dastardly consequences,
Then, pause to think up a better response.
That “re-think” ability means that Mindfulness is rising on Earth.
By “pausing to think,” we are developing
The level of fearlessness necessary
To allow an appropriate measured response to rise.  
Left to Nature, our evolution into 100% Mindfulness
Will take several millions of years—or more.
However, if we give Mother Earth a helping hand, we can consciously,
On purpose, begin calming down our emotional nature
And maybe achieve Mindfulness in a lifetime or three.
Here’s how:
Science dudes say that we need
Mindfulness in only 1% of the population
To flip ALL of Humanity, Immediately.  What a deal!
The kicker is, that at some point,
Millions of years or a few lifetimes from now,
We will master our emotional nature.
We will be able to respond with Mindfulness,
And experience Peace.
What do you want for your progeny, Fear or Peace?
1% is do-able, Baby Love.
Let’s get busy and practice.

8 /1/18

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