Most stuff is extraneous to maintaining life.
All stuff is extraneous to maintaining Joy.
Kinda’ lets you know where Joy resides.
The trick is:
Tapping into what’s always deep inside,
—which is easier in silence and solitude, a self-created environment.
Avoiding the distractions of dis-comfort, entertainment, and time,
—which requires great self-discipline.
Because, you see, the personality thrives in the constant state of “I want,”
—which requires re-arrangement of comfort, entertainment, and time.
On the other hand,
The Soul is forever in the state of Perpetual Joy.
Connect to that.
Humans contain both ends of life’s emotional pendulum, and,
When they wake up to who they truly are,
They can choose their Focus.
Wake Up, Baby!
It’s a good morning!
No joke!


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