Going to University is like living LIFE—
After you are awakened and consciously evolving.
Every event is a LIFE teaching
That can end with Love and Compassion.
Every LIFE circumstance is unique and requires acceptance, then Mastery.
You have to make LIFE decisions about who and how you will be.
You have to take LIFE’S tests, requiring deep soul searching.
LIFE-CLASS is hard and changes your mind, aligns your thinking with Truth.
You have to really work at LIFE, gleaning deeper understandings.
You keep hoping you’re doing LIFE right—because you don’t want to do it again.
You wonder why you signed up for that course in Surrender to LIFE.
LIFE Sports are brutal contests of Will, Choices, and Behaviors.
In LIFE, there are many degrees to achieve, little by slowly.
Graduation takes LIFETIMES.
The consolation is that your LIFE IS the only game in town.
You see, Baby Love, there’s nowhere else to go
Until you complete LIFE’S requirements for ascension.


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